One Week Later

One week ago I started off on a new journey. I married my high school sweetheart, twenty years after we first met.  It has been a long and windy road but God has seen fit to put us back together and I foresee and long and happy future ahead of us now.  Our wedding was the best, the ceremony wasn’t too long or too short and the DJ was the best. I am happier now than I have ever been in the past. Shannon is the amazing.
I was a bit lost for about ten years there and had forgotten who I was and where I came from. In my first marriage I had to become someone I wasn’t and was very unhappy.  After my first wife passed away I started to focus on myself and when I started seeing Shannon again I was reminded of who I was before and it scared me how much I had changed to fit into another life. I did not like who I had become and in the last seven months I have become the true person I should have always been. I have gotten back to the computer and to the music I have always loved. I have even started boffer fighting again and started talking to some old friends that would have never fit in that other life. Life is Awesome.  I have loved Shannon to twenty years and am proud to call her my wife and hopefully the mother of my children.

Sometime God’s timing seems a little off from what we think we want, but, what’s the best way to make Him laugh? Tell Him our plans for our future.



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