New Fall Shows That Show Promise (Maybe)

So, every Fall the major networks throw a slew of new shows at us. Each show spends millions on advertising alone not to mention actors, writers, hundreds union represented extras, cameramen, editors and more. Our unemployed couch potato habits are helping to keep part of the American workforce out of the soup lines.

Of the dozens of shows that will air in the next two months, half of them will not make it past the mid season break. Most shouldn’t have even made it to the screen and only three out of ten will make it to a second season. Unfortunately there are always one or two that could make for a great long term series but for one reason or another get canceled. Prime examples are Joss Wedon’s Firefly and Dollhouse; also Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles and Crusoe all canceled by FOX to make room for more reality TV.  FOX isn’t the only on to make poor choices over the years; ABC, NBC, CBS and The CW have made their fair share of mistakes over the years. Maybe later I’ll get on here and talk about the horrible things SyFy has been making

Every now and then a true gem will come along. Stargate ran for a combined a total of 18 years, Star Trek has mad it for 30 years combined and The X-Files made it 9 years. It just seems like more and more lately they are going for more quantity and dismal quality.

There are a few shows coming out this year that I have some high hopes for:

Ringer (CW)

Premieres Tuesday September 13, 9pm
What Is It? Sarah Michelle Geller returns to TV, after a couple of terrible feature films including ‘Suburban Girl’,  to play a young woman on the run from the mob and starts impersonating her well to do twin sister who apparently dies in a boating accident. Sounds interesting. After watching some promo’s and previews my one fear is that Geller will turn the role into a copy of her character from season six of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, a sniveling, whinny, woe is me brat.

My prediction is that this show will start to get really good around mid season and get canceled leaving us hanging with a two part ending that we won’t get to see until it is released on DVD a year later.

Terra Nova (FOX)

Premieres Monday, September 26, 8pm
What Is It? A much anticipated  project from Steven Spielberg about a family that leave a dystopian future to go back to prehistoric times to find a way to save their dying planet. Dinosaur chases, an apparent unstable military commander (played by Stephen Lang of Avatar and Conan) and family angst, sounds like fun to me.

My prediction for this show is a fast start and a confusing first season ending and a late second season cancellation with the story line being finished in book form and lots of fan fiction.


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