Terra Nova: Part 1 — Will FOX make yet another mistake?

When Canadians talk about going to Terra Nova they are most likely headed for their National Park of the same name. Not so for us American Sci-Fi fans who have come to love our weekly jaunts far into the past with the colonists from the year 2149 who have found a link to a prehistoric past of a different timeline, no paradox’s here. We love it. We get to fight dinosaurs, rebels,  and a corrupt corporation from the future that just wants to strip mine the past for all it has to offer. All of that and still more mysteries abound.

So what will FOX networks do. As of today there has been no announcement as to whether or not the show will continue on or go the way of so many other Sci-Fi shows that fox has killed off in recent years. I for one think it would be foolish to flush a show that has made them money and brought many fans back to FOX. Unfortunately FOX has a history of making poor choices in programming.

To Be Continued…..


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