The Tribe Goes To Pinecrest


This week we took a small sampling of our youth group up for an overnight trip to Pinecrest Lake. They got a kick out of the story about the Big Foot carving that disappeared for a few months and the returned leaving large foot prints in the snow.

The best part of the trip was the hike around the lake.

Our trip began with a four+ mile trek meandering across giant boulders and the hills of an ancient glacial valley.

Crossing the dam only signals that you have made it a quarter of the way. From there it is about a mile and a half of sometimes steep up and downs. The healthy strain on your back and legs is well worth the views along the way. While you can stop anywhere and catch some fish, your best luck is going to be at the inlet marked by the foot bridge. This is a great area for fly and spin casting alike. Fishing any of the small points around the main body of the lake can prove fruitful for Rainbow Trout or Small Mouth Bass. Early in the season you can head up river and be very productive with a fly rod, nymphs and mosquitos are taken most often in my experience.

The best time for any style of bank fishing is very early in the morning (around sunrise). Our trip started late, so by the time we stop to get our lines wet the sun was already high in the sky and only a few were landed but they tasted great grilled up with lemon and butter.
From there it is only about a 45min back to the campsites with plenty of spots to stop and fish along the way.

For anyone who is not familiar with the Pinecrest area; the campsites are great. The restrooms and sites are kept clean and the night is generally quiet after the games of ‘Albert’ end. There is a general store, a gift shop, a snack shack, a restaurant and a Marina where you can rent boats and pick up extra bait.

My wife and I have been going here together since we were teenagers and return at least once a year on our anniversary. I married the perfect woman.

I learned two lessons on this trip. One: never jump into water where the surface is seven feet down and you aren’t 100% certain of the depth, my tail bone still hurts days later. Two: Pastor Tim snores loudly.






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