Terminator: Genisys – A reboot of epic proportions!

terminator genisysIn the era of remakes and reboots it is rare to find one that is able to take a classic and loved story line and add a new twist without disgracing the memory of its predecessor. I can honestly say that Terminator: Genisys has set the bar very high for any future attempts to bring other franchises back to the big screen; including it’s own sequels which I hope there will be at least two.

This movie has a little something for everyone. The acting was spot on with the perfect level of one liners and puns, never going overboard. The dramatic performances felt real without it seeming like a stretch. The romance between Sarah and Kyle evolved much more naturally than in the original. The bonds between all three of the protagonists were deliberate and not forced. You understood what they all meant to each other and why. Even the truest of Sci-Fi geeks (like myself) would be hard pressed to find any glairing holes in the story or the science although most might be looking for the same off switch that Kyle is searching for. Oh yeah, Matt Smith as <Redacted due to SPOILERS> was great and I can’t wait to see everyone come back in the next movie.

On a side note, I have to wonder how much of this was art mimicking life with the upcoming release of the newest Windows OS.


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