The New Star Trek TV Teaser Has Landed!

Star-Trek-2017-TV-Series-LogoThis just gave me a bit of a geekgasm watching it! I have been a major Star Trek fan since I was a small child and have loved all things Star Trek including the recent reboots and fan made productions. I know it is a little silly to get all excited about a 50 second teaser that shows next to nothing of what is to come; but, it offers solid evidence that the show is going to be a reality, unlike the attempts to make ‘Captain Worf’.
One major thing did stand out for me though…
New Crews – New Villains – New Heroes – New Worlds
This seems to confirm some of the rumors that the show was going to be serialized with a full season focusing on a single story line and then moving on the next season with what could amount to a whole new show. This is not a surprising move after the success of American Horror Story.

I will be eagerly waiting any news on what is to come!


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