Anaxar Will Soon Be Free To Continue Production

AxanarIn a surprising move on Paramount’s part, they have decided to not move forward with their lawsuit against the group of fans producing one of the most ambitious fan-made web productions, Anaxar.

This is an important milestone for all fans of any type. It paves the way for more creators of fan based productions to, within reason and without profit, produce and distribute their artwork based on a major pop culture icon without the fear of reprisal once again.

Other shows high quality shows have been done in the past but the phenomenon has evolved from “kids in their basements with cardboard sets” to full-fledged productions with backing from major television and movie producers and even garnering the attention of well know actors who just want to be a part of something great who often put some of their own money in support of the production that they would normally be getting paid to be a part of (I guess that make them producers too). Tony Todd, Richard Hatch, Kate Vernon, and Gary Graham are just a few of the great Sci-Fi actors that are involved in the production.

Even JJ Abrams was quoted as saying “This wasn’t an appropriate way of dealing with the fans…”. This was after he had talked at length with Justin Lin, a long time fan and director of Star Trek: Beyond, who was outraged when he learned about the lawsuit.

If you are a fan of Star Trek, you should definitely check this production out, the trailer alone is great and only displays the greatness of what is ahead.

You can watch the 20 minute Prelude to Anaxar below…



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