Star Trek: Beyond and Back

Star TrekStarTrek MP and Beyond.pngA whole new series of colorful posters have been released for Star Trek: Beyond.

While I am a fan of all things ‘Trek, I have been disappointed with the newer movies, they have lacked originality. While the first of the Abrams-Verse movies was based on events put in motion during Star Trek: TNG and made a good attempt at rebooting the original crew, it butchered the universe in such a clumsy way that it is hardly recognizable.

We then moved on to the wholly unoriginal Star Trek: Into Darkness where Mr. Abrams ineptly brought back, arguably, one the the most iconic villains in the Star Trek universe, Khan Noonien Singh, and while Cumberbach did an excellent job portraying this characteristically tyrannical evil reflection of humanities future, the story fell flat under Abrams repetitive direction.

Now we move forward with the next cinematic installment and are again given glimpses of a Trek Universe that both mirrors and alienates the fans who have stood by for decades.

There are two glaring issues that are seen right off the cusp; one of the movie posters is ripped right from the poster for Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and while watching the trailers for Beyond, the Enterprise appears to be distorted, something that happened in ST3: The Search for Spock. A cheap trick if you ask me, but I will refrain from making further judgments until seeing the final movie or, at the very least, the next trailer.

Now that I am done ranting a bit, I will say this – I am actually looking forward to the new movie as I do every new addition to the Star Trek universe; and even if I am disappointed, I will come away richer for the experience because, in the end… It is Star Trek and July 22 will reveal all!

UPDATE: I just added two more posers to the collection above; Spock & Chekov just arrived on scene!


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