Rumors Abound!


We all love a bit of good old fashioned gossip and we enjoy speculating about things to come. The Internet has made it harder and harder for tech companies to keep secrets, so with E3 quickly approaching the rumor mills are working overtime and some of are contradicting earlier reports of leaked specs for the next Xbox console. A few weeks back there were reports that the next console would operate at 10 TFLOPS but now the same people are reporting that it will run at 6 TFLOPS. Either way, those speeds are awesome.

52258_3_microsoft-unveil-shield-tv-xbox-set-top-box-e3Some of the more exciting news being pumped out includes a new set-top box that can operate as a standalone cable box or streaming device similar to the Roku, or Apple TV. Another streaming device being yammered about would be akin to the ChromeCast and Amazon Fire TV Stick and just be used to stream services.

Everything being said at this point is pure speculation; but as we get closer to the big announcements more bloggers are coming out with reports from ‘inside’ and ‘reliable’ sources. To me, these sources lack credibility as they are in breach of contracts that they have signed with their employers. Any tech company out there worth anything is going to make their employees sign Non-Disclosure Agreements that could land them in hot water for spilling the beans about internally classified projects, costing them their jobs and possible fines and jail time.

Whatever Microsoft has in store, I am excited for the official announcements coming in a mere 17 days. I am sure that there will be some major developments and here are a few of the rumored one that I am looking forward to:

  • Set-Top Steaming Xbox with the ability to stream games from other consoles or PC’s.
  • Further integration of the Xbox and Windows Store’s.
  • A new purely digital Xbox One console the finally eliminates the need for a disc drive.
  • Further Windows 10 App integration on the console opening up a whole new world of functionality for users.

I have my calendar marked for June 13 and will be watching!


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