Starbase Yorktown, A Dyson Sphere?

A few YouTubers have done freeze frame analysis of the second Star Trek Beyond trailer doing a blow by blow of every scene. Taking their queue, this is an engineering marvel that I find highly unlikely for this time in Federation history.


A Starbase the size of a small planet or moon, that some have speculated could be some form of a Dyson Sphere. I really hope that they don’t try and call it a Dyson Sphere for a multitude or reasons only one of which I am going to discus here today.

The structure, that we have come to know as Starbase Yorktown, appears to not have a star at it’s heart. A Dyson Sphere, by definition, is a mega-structure that completely encompasses a star and captures must, if not all, of its energy output. It also looks as if the base is being illuminated by the light of a sun (maybe Sol) and any structure that contained even smallest of singularities at its core would be destroyed by the competing gravitational pulls. Additionally, from the few shots of the interior and the fact that it is surrounded by what I can only guess is Transparent Aluminum, it looks designed to utilize the solar radiation and heat from the nearby star which would, arguably put the federation on still only somewhere around level 1 of the Kardashev Scale since it is still only able to gather some of the energy from the local star and it is unlikely that they would be technologically advanced enough to achieve this feat.

While this is still an engineering marvel, it goes beyond the level of technology that had been obtained by the UFP at his point and would have taken decades to construct.

I am looking forward to seeing how or if they explain the origins and construction of this amazing feat of structural engineering .



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