Jake Gyllenhaal’s The Division?

rs_560x415-150721173430-560.Brothers-jake-gyllenhaal.jw.72115According to Variety Magazine Jake Gyllenhaal will not only be starring in but also producing the film adaptation of Tom Clancy’s: The Division!
The will not be the star first foray into the world of bringing video games to the big screen. In 800full-prince-of-persia--the-sands-of-time-poster2010 he stared in the live actions adaptation of ‘Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time’. While his performance was spot on, the directions taken in both cinematography and writing fell short of what many fans of the franchise, myself included, wanted to see.
Luckily Gyllenhaal is no stranger military operations in cinema. Both Jarhead and Brothers put him in dramatic rolls both in and out of combat; both of which will be called upon in this project.
Reportedly Ubisoft is waiting to bring on some additional talent before finding a studio to take on the endeavor. They are likely also waiting to see how much success they achieve with the Assassin’s Creed adaptation coming in December.


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