Warner Brothers Gains Ground On Logan’s Run Reboot

According to Deadline, Warner Brothers is gaining ground on Logan-5 with a modern remake of the Sci-Fi classic ‘Logan’s Run’ and they are bring on Colony’s co-creator and Producer Ryan Condal. Condal already has a general direction to move forward with a screenplay treatment having already been written by co-writer Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Apocalypse) though little is known about the premise or casting at this point. They will be joining Joel Silver and the head of DC TV Universe, Greg Berlanti. Being a fan of  both the novel and the cinematic renditions, I have high hopes that this power house team will do it justice.

With the current popularity of YA fiction being brought to both the silver screen and the small screen I am hoping that they are able to return to the original story that placed the date of death on the the populous of their dystopian society at the age of 21, unlike the movie that put the age at 30. Quality teenage actors were a bit harder to come by in the ’70’s and viewers were not likely to see any film that would depict youth having to struggle and survive under these circumstances. Today, YA dystopian stories are being made left and right, The 100, The 5th Wave, The Maze Runner, and of course, The Hunger Games have all paved the way for classic tales to be told in such a way that we can only hope will make the author proud.



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