Kinect is not Dead!

With the announcement of the new Xbox One S console yesterday, some are saying the the Kinect is dead. I have to say that I disagree with that notion.

kinect adaptorThe Kinect opened a lot of worlds for people and if Microsoft was going to discontinue it they would not be offering a ‘free’ adapter to use your existing Kinect with the new console. This is just a logical step in moving forward. With gesture controls gone and the new Cortana feature that is coming this summer not requiring the Kinect and the new console including a built in IR blaster; there is little need for some of the more advanced features of the device. With those arguments out there, there are still other things the Kinect is used for such as Skype, Twitch,  Xbox Fitness and a variety of other games.

Not releasing a new version of the accessory is a smart plan; focusing on other hardware enhancements, while allowing those that have the current hardware and want to bring its functionality with them to the next level of console, allows them to focus more closely on the development of the next big leap. With Project Scorpio confirmed to be VR ready and maintaining the ability to use all previois games and accessories (from the One up), I am predicting that they bring us a new and greatly improved Kinect designed for track players in a virtual environment. Like I am fond of saying, nothing is real until it is officially announced so I will continue to use my Kinect on a daily basis


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