Independence Day: Resurgence Masterfully Borrows From Other Sci-Fi For A Surge Of Fun

In 1996 we were introduced to an amazing alien invasion where the human race banded together to fight off an advanced menace from the stars, refusing to go quietly into the night. Twenty years later, mankind has banded together in peace and are preparing themselves to fight off any returning hoards of alien aggressors.

The human race has no idea what they are about to encounter. A drilling ship that is so large that it has it’s own gravitational pull and spans the distance between Washington DC the-alien-queen-chases-school-bus-80and London. If this wasn’t enough, the near comatose surviving enemies have awoken, rejoicing in the coming of a new queen that  dwarfs even the queen xenomorph Ripley took out (that is a school bus it is chasing).

The unbelievable size of this villain aside, it made for a great plot point. followed in the story only by the introduction of a third alien race. A being whose people had, thousands of years ago, shed their physical forms and hqdefaultuploaded themselves into a digital existence. Not much was revealed on this front other
than that she was the last of her kind, as the rest of her race had been destroyed by the same aliens returning to harvest our planets most vital resource. She now brings other races together to develop new weapons and technologies to fight this parasite of a species.

While the writers borrowed these and other concepts in the story form other great Science Fiction (Aliens, Odyssey 5 and others), they managed to put them together in a wonderful way that hid many of the borrowed themes from most viewer who are not well versed in the classics. I for one greatly enjoyed this movie and hope that they follow up in some fashion as they did leave it open in such a way that I am hungry for more stories following the development of human relations throughout the universe.


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