Meeting One’s Potential & Rambling A Bit (QUOTE PROJECT: WEEK 5)

“Shit!” I heard Diehl shout over the comm. “I just lost my gorram shields because I’m already out of frakkin’ power!”
“Dude,” Cruz said. “You shouldn’t mix swears from different universes.”

― Ernest Cline, Armada

I have been on a bit of a kick lately and have become slightly obsessed with the works of Ernest Cline. I was excited when I picked up a copy of the audio book for ‘Ready Player One’ to listen to on my commute to work and was elated when I discovered that it was narrated by none other than Wil Wheaton. I had been raised watching reruns of the original Star Trek series and fell in love with ‘The Next Generation’ when it aired. at the age of 12,my favorite TV show had been resurrected and now there was a character in the mix that was only a little older than me; a socially awkward and highly intelligent teenage boy that great potential who became my hero. I had been familiar  with Wil Wheaton, having had seen ‘Stand By Me’ numerous times. He was my superhero at that point.

The Traveler: …And such musical genius as I saw in one of your ship’s libraries, one called Mozart, who as a small child wrote astonishing symphonies, a genius who made music not only to be heard, but seen and felt beyond the understanding, the ability of others? Wesley is such a person, not with music, but with the equally lovely intricacies of time, energy, propulsion, and the instruments of this vessel, which allow all that to be played.

The Traveler, ST:TNG – Where No One Has Gone Before

I still follow him today (Yes, I know that Wil Wheaton only played Wesley Crusher and that The Traveler was talking about the fictions character) and am pleased that during the time that I was not following him on social media, our views on the world around us grew in similar geeky veins. One of my favorite quotes of his is when has said simply: “Don’t Be A Dick!”.

“I’d spent my entire life overdosing on uncut escapism, willingly allowing fantasy to become my reality.”

― Ernest Cline, Armada

Back to my minor obsession with Ernest Cline. His writing is great and the way he mixes genres, from those I grew up loving to current pop culture, is thoroughly entertaining. That being said, Wil Wheaton’s narration or Mr. Cline’s works truly brings them to life. That is why I am presently on my 3rd play through of ‘Armada’ after finishing listening to ‘Ready Player One’ for the 3rd time.

These books should be read repeatedly by all Gamer Geeks, Nerds, and anyone else who have a love for gaming culture, its history, and its future. You can find the authors page on Google Play and Amazon. Or, you could visit his page at and discover even more of his work.

Note to Wil Wheaton (not that I expect he will read this): Thank You.


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