New Vlog In The Works!


For some time now, I have wanted to run my own Vlog. Easy, Right? Not so much. At least, not for me…

Yes anyone with a cellphone or a webcam can sign up for a YouTube account and start uploading content. Every day, people sign into Twitch, Mixer and other live streaming services and share their lives. The content can be anything from them playing their favorite game or reviewing their favorite (and loathed) Movies to offering how-to’s on just about any subject and even just going about their daily lives. The quality of content is often lacking. That all being said, it is time for me to jump into the pool and offer myself to the masses and hopefully provide some good content.

Why have I hesitated, waited so long? I have had the knowledge and ability to do this for many years. in the last twenty years, I have worked in live theater and concert venues as a sound and lighting engineer in California and Arizona, been on stage a handful of times. I have even taken video production courses and worked on small regional broadcast television broadcasts. So, why not? Because even with all my background, I suffer from stage fright and social anxiety. Most of my friends know nothing about that side of me because I am really good at hiding it. I am now making a conscious decision to move past these ‘undocumented features’ within my programming and biting the proverbial bullet.

Now the only other thing to get past is my OCD. Nothing major, but I can’t stand things being done half-assed. Poor audio on a podcast or vlog is the fastest way to get me to run. It causes me physical pain, almost as much as poor video quality.  I have spent countless hours adjusting and edit video and audio only to give up, wipe the slate clean and start over from scratch. This is just one more thing I will be moving past. That is not to say that I will be allowing myself to upload low-quality content, just that I will not be allowing myself to sweat the small stuff.

About a year ago, a friend of mine needed a co-host for his show and I stepped up to a couple of his broadcasts, offering my two cents on various geeky subjects. I went out and bought a new web camera (Logitech C922) but had issues getting the audio from the camera to work with Skype and had to use my Samsung Level-U headset. I was happy with the video quality but the audio bothered me to no end, especially when the battery died and I had to scramble to use a gaming headset.

Over the years I had amassed a good quantity of sound equipment, all of which has been lost for one reason or another. Now begins the task of rebuilding my equipment cache. The WebCam will work great and on top of that I have a DSLR and in a pinch can use my cell phone. So now all I need is some quality audio equipment.

I have done my research and made the purchases. I decided to go with a Behringer Xenyx 302USB mixer combined with a Toner BM-700 Microphone.

build an addition I still have quite a bit to do before I start. My living room is too loud between the birds and daily life; that, and my desk is in no shape to work at comfortably with the added equipment. The project for this weekend is to move the desk into the bedroom and build an addition to house the new equipment as well as organize what we have.

This is our current setup and this must change!


Let the fun begin!


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