Who am I?

1559320_10203808681846148_8404785142477968433_o (2)I have three passions in life.

First and always the most important is my wife. Shannon and I first met almost twenty-five years ago and fell in love. Life being what if is and as with the nature of teenagers our paths diverged and we lost touch for a while but always remained friends. About three years ago we reconnected and having seen what life can do we grabbed on tight and refused to let go this time. In July we will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary.

100_0919Second is my love of nature and all forms of science. I enjoy spending time in the ‘wild’; camping, fishing, hiking, and stargazing. Growing up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains gave me a unique perspective on nature and wildlife conservation. I was a Boy Scout advancing to the rank of Eagle Scout. Some of my earliest memories include my mother taking me and my brother to Pinecrest or Lyons Lakes to go fishing and camping, or taking us to Little Sweden to watch the celestial activities of the summers night sky while listening to classical music.

Third… I am a Technophile. I am an early adopter of new tech and a hacker/geek/nerd.


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